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Wolverhampton Telecare Service

What is Telecare?


The Telecare service supports people to live independently in their own homes by giving them a range of assistive technology, from emergency alarms and fall detectors to smoke and flood sensors and automated pill dispensers.

The Council aims to give 3,000 additional customers the chance to use Telecare over the next three years, and has launched four new packages, priced from £3 to £9 per week, suitable for a range of budgets and requirements.

How Wolverhampton Telecare works

Telecare works through a range of sensors that are installed according to your needs following an assessment.

If one of the sensors is automatically activated or if you press your personal alarm trigger, the alarm connected to your phone will ring our Telecare control centre. The control centre staff will have information about the person using the service, will be able to identify which sensor has been activated and how best to respond.

When an alert is raised, a signal is sent which automatically dials the control centre, letting trained operators assess the situation, check your safety and take the appropriate action which could include calling a family member or friend or calling the emergency services.

Some Telecare sensors can just raise an alarm in your home without calling the control centre, which could be suitable if you have a carer living with you or if you are a carer looking after someone. It means, for example, that a carer can go out into the garden and relax knowing they will be alerted if the person they look after gets out of bed or tries to leave the house.

Don’t worry if you press your alarm or set off a sensor by mistake, we would rather know that you’re ok and check everything is working correctly. 

Should a Telecare alarm be activated, a message is sent to the council's 24-hour control centre, where trained operators talk to the individual to establish the most appropriate response, be it contacting a family member, carer or doctor, the new mobile responder service provided by West Midlands Fire Service or the emergency services.

Self-Referral Process

You can access Telecare for yourself or on behalf of someone else by completing the application form (word and pdf versions are located in the downloads section of this page) and sending it to the Telecare Service by the following methods: 

  • Downloading and completing the Word document, and sending via email to
  • Downloading and completing the application form by hand, and sending via the post to:

Wolverhampton Telecare Service, Wolverhampton Homes, Parkfield Office, Rough Hills, Wolverhampton, WV2 2HH.

The service can be contacted via:

Email: or Telephone: 01902 553585.

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