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Aids, Equipment and Adaptations

Local Authority & NHS Services

There are a number of different organisations involved in equipment decisions relating to children and young people.  These organisations meet every three weeks to discuss any requests and make decisions.

We know more work is needed to ensure that the process for equipment is made clearer for parents/carers and professionals alike.  A meeting with key professionals from different organisations is planned for November 2018 to understand this more and to develop a clear process.

When this work is completed, The Local Offer will be updated.

In the meantime if equipment is required, a health practitioner will be able to discuss this with you and complete the required paperwork to be submitted to our panel to be considered.

To see services provided by the Local Authority and the NHS please click on the related link.

Other Services

In order to provide as much information as possible to children, young people and their families about the services available in the local community other providers that deliver Aids, Equipment and Adaptations are included in the other services tab on this page. 

This is not intended to be taken as a list of Local Authority or NHS approved services or to indicate that they are endorsed by the Local Authority or NHS in any way.

Community groups and providers can add their service by clicking here

To see other services provided please click on the related link

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