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Trident Reach - Outreach support service

We provide responsive home care services to adults, families and children within the community and their own homes. This includes social engagement and personal care.

The aim of this service is to support the child with broadening their personal development skills through activity based care, and also to provide the main carer respite from their caring responsibilities.

Outreach Support

Working with children and young people in their home or in the community to develop their independence skills and personal development through activity based care and personal care.

Activities are dependent on the child/young person’s interests, which can include: cubs/scouts, brownies, gym/sport sessions, IT based activities, bowling, cinema.

Times services are provided are

  • Monday-Friday: 3pm-10pm (term time)
  • Saturday-Sunday: 9am-9pm
  • School Holidays: 9am-9pm
  • Night Wake: 9pm-7am

The outreach workers will be available in all areas of Wolverhampton and operate 7 days a week

There is also a clear focus on encouraging social engagement and development, which can include activities, looking into preparing for the future, travel training, education/employment guidance and support.

We work in line with the following legislation

  • Children’s Act 1989 amended in 2004 with accompanying regulations and guidance
  • Care Act 2014
  • Health and Social Care Act (2008) Regulated Activities Regulations (2010);
  • The Children (Leaving Care) Act (2000);
  • Working Together to Safeguard Children (2013)
  • Care Standards Act (2000).

We provide all mandatory as well as service specific training which is based on service user’s needs. For example:

  • Epilepsy
  • Peg feeding
  • Autism
  • Inclusive Play
  • Makaton

Where other training is required, this will be sourced and developed to meet service user requirements. Local Authority referral subject to initial needs assessment.

Waiting lists vary at different times.

Sometimes, we will need time to adjust staffing requirements and provide training to respond to demand. When we need time to do this, we will liaise with you on an appropriate timescale.

Our welcome Pack contains the following:

  • Statement of Purpose
  • Customer Guide: Service delivery details and contact details
  • Children’s Service Brochure: Details of different Community Services provided
  • Complaints Leaflet
  • Safeguarding Leaflet
  • Menu of choice

Information is provided in a preferred format suitable for each service user, i.e. pictorial, large print, etc

Waiting lists vary at different times.

Sometimes, we will need time to adjust staffing requirements and provide training to respond to demand. When we need time to do this, we will liaise with you on an appropriate timescale.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Sophia Bounia (Service Manager)
Contact Position
Andrea Hughf (Head of Community Services)
Trident Reach Wolverhampton office number is: 0121 226 5822
Trident Reach

Decisions are made in partnership with the child/young person, parents, carers, statutory and third sector support partners.

Our service is co-produced through working with significant parties involved with the person to help design and shape their service, ensuring the voice of the child/young person is central with others acting as a circle of support around them.


The child/young person’s voice is at the centre of their care plan, with voices of all other parties as additional support. The service will be delivered at the pace of the child/young person with communication and planning discussed in a manner they respond positively to.

If your first language is not English:

  • We will check if skill set is within our team or company as we have a diverse workforce, recruit specific staff who can speak their preferred language, i.e. Hakka, Punjabi, and Mandarin.
  • Alternatively, we will look for a translator in target language within locality.
  • Use communications aid such as signs, pictures and objects.

Where to go


Trident Reach Offices are fully accessible to wheelchair users and people with poor or no eyesight – lift numbers are in Braille and sounding when at the right level - Levels are spoken for people with no eyesight

  • Disabled toilets are available
  • Doors adapted to let wheelchairs in
  • Front of building is levelled

In all cases, a manager will arrange a home visit to assess individual needs.

Other Details


Age Ranges
16-25 years
Referral Details

Local Authority referrals: Local Authority charges apply for all referrals made from Social Services via Social Work Assessment

Private referrals are accepted subject to initial needs assessment, under our private service we will work with a range of children/young people who require additional support with personal skills and development.

  • Local Authority referral through following Social Workers CAF assessment
  • Personal Budgets
  • Local Authority referral through transfer from other Local Authority
  • Private referrals subject to initial needs assessment

Private contract: All charges appear on our menu of choice depending on the level of support needed and subject to needs assessment – Ask for a copy of our menu of choice to be forwarded via e-mail or post.

Private referrals will be considered outside of Wolverhampton; we have additional care and support services that operate within the West Midlands region.

Customers on Personal budgets are welcome.

A case manager will discuss eligibility and individual support needs.

Record Last Updated on: 06/12/2018

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