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Volunteer Opportunities at Gatis Community Space

Gatis Community Space


We need more volunteers to support  our "Friendly Fridays" initiative. Would you like to join our team of Morale Officers and help to end loneliness and social isolation in our community. 

Tasks will include:

Talking to the public, collecting information about what activities people want, organizing and hosting events, flyering and creating flyers.

The "Morale Officers." are dedicated volunteers who are driven by social change/community work and are curious to know more about social isolation, what makes people lonely and what it takes to get people out of their homes and back into the community. You will be supported by a team of volunteers and management. New ideas and ways of working will be encouraged!

This is a two-year project that we hope will be on going.
For more information or to express an interest please email Amy on

For more information please view the service poster in the downloads section.

Please also take the time to view our service record via the related services section on this page.

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