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Pregnancy, Baby & Beyond

From keeping healthy during pregnancy to choosing a natural birth and coping with a new baby, the information on this page will be able to help you.

For more information on other services available to you please visit Children, Young People and Families page.


Here you will find out a great deal of information and support about being pregnant.


Your midwife will be able to discuss the options for the birth of your baby with you. This will include the place you choose to have your baby, and the type of birth you would like to have.

For more detailed advice visit the NCT page and NHS Choices page or find more information on Which? birth choice page.


In this section you will find advice and guidance to support you with your baby. This includes advice on feeding (milk and solids), vitamins, vaccines (immunisations), teething, and links to other support services you may require.

Visit the baby advice and support page for further information.

Healthy Family

For advice and support with giving your family the best start in life visit support for families.

Here you will find out information on your local strengthening families hub.

For parenting support including tips on feeding, sleep routines and common behaviour problems visit the 'Parenting' page for more information.

Below is A 20 minute video from HENRY all about what we can do to help children grow up with healthy teeth.

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