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When will groups and home visits start again?:

Some children from Emerald and Ruby groups have been invited to attend for 1 day following discussions with parents and ongoing individual Risk Assessments. These groups are only for a few children due to social distancing. We are looking into our groups starting in September and will let you know once we have confirmed our plans.

I didn’t get an email like this last week. Is it available for me to have now?

Contact your key worker from the Special Needs Early Years Service and they can send it to you.

When are the live singing sessions mentioned in earlier emails starting?

Initially we considered live singing sessions being available to everyone reading this email, however, as this email is now being accessed by sooo many families (well over a 150) we are having to be specific and offer the live sessions to families whose children attend the specialist groups at the Gem Centre. If you feel strongly that your child would benefit from joining in with the sessions being offered to the Gem Centre group children, please contact Jayne Harvey on the contacts below.

My child doesn’t attend the Gem Centre group but used to attend a group at Warstones. Is there a singing session for us?

The different groups use different songs and it is recognised that some children do not like some of the songs sung. Emerald group staff have planned recorded singing sessions of songs and we are putting those songs on YouTube so that you can select individual songs to match your childs likes and dislikes. If you think your child would be happy to join the live singing sessions, please contact Jayne via details below or your Emerald group staff member directly.

My child doesn’t attend any specialist group but would like to join in with a singing session. Is this possible?

There is a singing session recorded by a member of staff on our YouTube site, link: 

More are planned and we will point them out in the YouTube section above as they are added. If you still think your child would benefit from the group singing session, please contact your Special Needs Early Years Service staff member


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