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Dementia Cafes in Wolverhampton

Wolverhampton is aiming to create a City where people with dementia are better understood and their families and carers are offered the help and support they need. A number of prominent organisations in the City such as banks, local businesses and services are working together through the campaign to improve the lives of people with dementia

Wolverhampton's Dementia Cafes are a monthly meeting for people with dementia or memory loss, their families and friends.

What happens at Dementia cafes?

The monthly gathering aims to provide a safe, welcoming environment for people with dementia and their family, friends and carers in the company of other carers, volunteers and health and social care professionals.

It offers emotional support, information and the opportunity for people living with the impact of a dementia to talk about their situation. There is usually a presentation by a professional or local organisation and occasionally entertainment such as live music.

Meetings are open to anyone with memory problems or dementia and their families, friends or carers, and refreshments are available free of charge.

Please view the related services section on this page for a list of Cafe's and support services in Wolverhampton.

Please visit the Alzheimers Society website for more useful information and advice.

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