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CAMHS Transformation Plan - Refresh

City of Wolverhampton Council & CCG


The Wolverhampton CAMHS Local Transformation Plan (2015-2020) was developed by Wolverhampton Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) along with our partners in response to the publication of Future in Mind - promoting, protecting and improving our children and young people’s Mental Health and wellbeing (report of the government's Children and Young People’s Mental Health Taskforce in 2015). 


The CAMHS Transformation Plan 2018-2020 has been updated.

The aim of our transformation plan were to transform our local system by developing care pathways, services and initiatives across health, education, criminal justice and social care with a unified set of values.

The vision was to deliver early intervention and prevention services, close treatment gaps and deliver a dynamic whole system of care pathways and processes that were fully aligned across all agencies, partners and stakeholders. Full alignment across the agencies would ensure that our ‘whole system’ could respond pro-actively to the needs of the child, their family and community and to facilitate and enable resilience, growth and achievement.

The vision of the original plan was to use the additional Future in Mind funding to transform Mental Health services for Children and Young People by building capacity and capability at critical points across the system so that by 2021 measurable progress could be demonstrated towards closing the health and wellbeing gap and securing sustainable improvements in children and young people’s Mental Health outcomes in Wolverhampton.

Whilst progress has been made in many areas identified in the original plan, there is still a distance to travel to ensure that Children and Young People in Wolverhampton are able to access the Emotional Mental Health and Wellbeing services as well as specialist CAMHs that they require and at the appropriate time. 

This refreshed plan aims to provide the narrative around the distance travelled from the initial plan, current services and work still to be undertaken.  It will articulate impacts and outcomes of additional funding, challenges which still present areas of concern within the system and actions to be taken to mitigate against them.   


For further information please contact:

The Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS)

Tele: 01902 444021

The record for this service can be found in the related services section of this page.


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