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SEN - Settings and Schools (Outreach)

It is hoped that most children will have access to an inclusive mainstream provision in their community environment and that support and advice is provided within the setting. Specialist services will support settings on specific programmes and strategies that are related to an individual child and give advice and guidance to setting staff.

For children in private settings, the Area SENCO will advise on suitable referrals to services and if the child should be at SEN Support.

For those in mainstream nurseries or Reception classes, specialist services will undertake assessments and advise on strategies and interventions. The setting SENCO will refer children to appropriate services and be responsible for monitoring progress.

For those settings not accessing’ traded services’ the Special Needs Service can directly refer those children who meet the threshold for an EHCP direct to the Educational Psychology service. These children will be allocated an Educational Psychologist who will complete an assessment report that can be forwarded with other evidence for consideration to the Statutory Assessment Moderation Panel.

For children entering a setting at SEN Support and are already receiving support from the Special Needs Early Years Service a programme of transitional support will be negotiated dependent on the need of the individual child.

Only those children who are considered as having complex and severe learning difficulties will receive regular support. This group of children should be offered TAC.

For those children who will require a specialist placement most places will only be available at the beginning of the academic year [September] and this will be through the Early Years Placement Panel for those children in the EHCP process.

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