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Information on the Wolverhampton Health Local Offer

Information on the Wolverhampton Health Local Offer

Health services provided within the Wolverhampton area are commissioned by a number of different organisations.

Health services are often commissioned on a locality basis, although some are delivered by a single health provider across the whole county. Each commissioned service will have its own:

  • agreed eligibility criteria (who can access the service)
  • agreed referral criteria (how to access the service)

If you think that your child might benefit from referral to any of the health services listed in our Local Offer, please discuss these with your GP or any of the existing health professionals that may be involved involved with the care of your child. During the time when you are meeting (and are involved) with health care professionals, they may also suggest and organise a referral.

For the majority of health services that are listed you will require a referral from a health professional and an appointment, but for detailed information please click on the button above and follow the link to each service to find out more.

Useful links

For further information on national health care provision the following websites might be useful:

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