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Multi-Agency Referral Panel

Representatives that attend the referral panel are professionals from health, education and social care who meet once a month to co-ordinate service delivery to those children referred. This is an open referral panel and all referrals must have parents'/carers' permission.


Multi-Agency Referral Panel Dates

Eligibility Criteria

  • A child who has a medical diagnosis/ Special Educational Needs or Disability that may affect their learning
  • A child who is displaying significant developmental delay compared to their peers
  • A child who may need to be considered for an assessment for Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • A child is in a setting or mainstream school that has been identified as having complex needs and may benefit from specialist advice.
  • The child must be aged 5 and under and be a resident of Wolverhampton

Receiving the Referrals

For children referred from a setting or school, the appropriate referral form must be completed and signed by parents.  Copies of Action Plans and evidence of graduated approach at this point need to be attached to the referral.

Nursery settings, Children’s Centres and schools often identify concerns regarding the development of a child they are working with. After following the process of assessment, planning and implementation of support (as set out in the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice) they may find that their review of the child’s progress continues to give significant cause for concern. A referral is then made to the Early Years Multi-Agency Referral Panel including detailed information about the concerns so that the appropriate services can become involved.  Other professionals, such as Health Visitors and Family Support Workers, will have completed their own professional assessments of a child’s circumstances which support a referral to the CDS.

Referrals by health professionals are recorded as informing the Local authority of a child with additional needs under their duty with in the Code of Practice.

Health visitors will refer children in to panel using the Ages and Stages assessment profile additional information alongside regarding this the child is required. Any referral from a health visitor or a therapist of a child in a setting should be accompanied by the settings evidence of graduated approach.

Parents can refer but it is always suggested that they speak to their GP, health visitor or setting first, who can make the referral on their behalf.

Here you will be able to view the latest CDC Multi-Agency Panel Dates 

Gathering Information

Both Special Needs Early Years and Child Development clinic referrals are checked for parental permission and that qualitative evidence has been provided. At times referrals are sent back for further evidence.  A referral list is circulated every three weeks.  This list will contain contact details about the new referrals and is circulated to those people who attend the Multi-Agency 0 – 5 referral group.

Once the list has been circulated, all the members of the panel will check if their service is involved and bring the relevant information to the panel. All children are discussed and a decision is made as to which service is best placed to support the individual needs and the most suitable pathway for child and family. It also supports a coordinated service for families. Services may be requested to accept a referral based on the discussion to ensure a seamless provision is made for the child and family.


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