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The Transforming Care Programme in the Black Country

Children, young people and adults with a learning disability and/or autism have the right to the same opportunities as anyone else to live satisfying and valued lives, and to be treated with dignity and respect.  They should have a home within their local community, be able to develop and maintain relationships and get the support they need to live healthy, safe and rewarding lives. 

Our Transforming Care Programme focusses on improving services for:

  • Children and young people with learning disabilities
  • Children and young people with Autism
  • Children and Young people with learning disabilities and autism

Who also have

  • Behaviours that challenge, or
  • A mental health condition

The Transforming Care Programme (TCP) in The Black Country brings together social care, health and education services across Walsall, Wolverhampton, Sandwell and Dudley to review and plan service provision for children and young people.  It aims to ensure that individuals with diagnosed learning disabilities (LD) and/or Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) are supported within local communities, within capable environments to avoid unnecessary in-patient mental health admissions and residential care.  Families offer a wealth of experience and can offer practical examples of how to make the system work better.  The key to improving services is for all those involved with your child to work with you and your family in partnership.   

What is a Care, Education and Treatment Review?

Care, Education and Treatment Reviews are arranged to look at the needs and arrange support for children and young people with ASD and/ or LD. The reviews are arranged and chaired by the *Clinical Commissioning Group in your area with the individual and family members central to the review and any decision making and outcomes. The meetings are  person-centred reviews attended by anyone involved in your child’s care, an independent clinical expert and an expert by experience to consider if there is a community alternative that would prevent admission into hospital or support discharge from hospital.  The purpose of the meeting is to consider the services currently in place for the family, identify any gaps and look to commission further services to meet the need.  From this meeting, there will be a plan of action agreed by all with the aim of supporting the individual and family to remain in the community. 

Care, Education and Treatment Reviews can be requested by any member of the care team or by family or the young person themselves if they have concerns about their care and treatment. Speak to your CAMHS or mental health worker, social care contact or SEND* officer if you have any questions about care, Education and treatment reviews and how they are arranged. An example of when a Care, Education and Treatment Review is requested is when the risk of a hospital admission is increasing. 

How does the Transforming Care Programme link into the Education, Health and Care plans?

The Transforming Care Programme in the Black Coutry for children and young people has strong links with the SEND principles and agenda and a key role of the programme is to ensure that children and young people with learning difficulties and/or autism with behaviours that challenge or mental health conditions, leave school with a good education, health and care plan that supports their transition to adulthood leading to better outcomes for them and their families.


*Clinical Commissioning Group - They are clinically-led statutory NHS bodies responsible for the planning and commissioning of health care services for their local area.

*Multi-agency - Refers to the involvement of professional and support staff from a range of bodies in the UK, including statutory agencies (health, social services, education, etc.) and voluntary groups, in providing health and social services.

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