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Care & Support - MPS

City of Wolverhampton Council

The City of Wolverhampton has produced a number of new Market Position Statement (MPS) for Care and Support.

They are intended to provide a comprehensive base for continued change and improvement. There are 3 MPS documents:-

  • Market Position Statement for Care and Support for Adult Services 2015-17
  • Market Position Statement for Care and Support for Older People 2015-17
  • Market Position Statement for Adults with Disabilities and Mental Health 2015-17

They can be found under the "Downloads" section this page. These documents are aimed at existing and potential providers of care and support; they represent the continued dialogue between the City Council, people who use services, carers, providers and others about the vision for the future of local care and support market.

Our aim is to gather and build upon intelligence and experiences that you have as Providers, to help us develop a better understanding of the needs of the local care and support market.

The MPS documents include;

  • The strategic context;
  • A representation of predicted changes in local demographics;
  • The demand and supply;
  • Our commissioning intentions so that we can support our current and potential providers to develop the right services for meeting the needs of our citizens;
  • Current service structures;
  • Future tender opportunities

The areas the City Council will want to address together will develop:

  • Existing services;
  • The use of Better Technology;
  • Earlier intervention, preventing and delaying the need for care, integrated working with our NHS partners and others;
  • Increased the choice and control.

Our ambition is to facilitate the care and support market that provides choice and control for local people in how their needs are met, including promoting independently; this requires a strong partnership between the City of Wolverhampton Council and those who provide services.

We invite people who use services, Carers, Providers and other stakeholders to feedback their views of the Market Position Statement, which will be updated in response to feedback or as our information and intentions change.

For further information about the MPS and how you can contribute to enhancing future service provision please contact:

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