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Childhood Immunisations

As a new mum, you'll feel like your little one has only just arrived in the world. Here in the UK, your child will receive a number of vaccinations to prevent illnesses and diseases as they grow up – most of which will happen in their very first year of life.

When you get that very first letter inviting them for their first immunisation appointment at the GP surgery. You may feel very worried while you can expect tears – from you as well as your baby – it's worth reminding yourself how lucky we are to have an immunisation schedule that protects from some truly horrible illnesses and diseases.

Why Immunise?

An immunised child is protected from lots of dangerous diseases and will prevent illness from being passed around.

NHS choices has a webpage that guides you through all the immunisations your child will need from 8 weeks to 14 years of age.

It also includes additional immunisations that your child may require

Why don’t you check the vaccination planner? Please see the vaccination planner link in the External Links.

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