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Wolverhampton Information Network

What’s out there to help me?

At one time or another we are all likely to have experienced a feeling that life isn’t quite what it could be.

Sometimes there isn’t anything that triggers the feeling, at other times the feeling could be as a result of isolation, illness or disability.

Sometimes you may feel that life is OK but you want something to do when you get some spare time.

This portal has a lot of suggestions about how you can take more control over your life and find ways to improve things. It is there to provide potential solutions to problems you face, often those solutions lie within the community in which you live but aren’t always easy to find.

 The portal has a lot of information within it, some which will be useful to you and other information which may not be relevant to you.

 We have tried to break down the information it provides in such a way that you find things which are relevant to you as quickly and easily as possible.

 The home page is broken down into the different aspects of people’s lives where they may be having difficulties or just need some information.

 Examples of this are:


  • Advice and Support
  • Staying Healthy
  • Keeping Safe
  • Help at Home
  • Housing Options
  • Money Matters
  • Working and Volunteering
  • Things to do
  • Getting About
  • Concerned about something or somebody
  • Information for Carers


After clicking the button you will be taken to that sections landing page where you will find advice pages and links to records of organisations which provide information, advice or support.

 If you are looking for something specific and know what it is called, you can type the word into the Keyword search which is on every page.

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