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Under 5's ASD Diagnostic Panel

The Autistic Spectrum Disorder under 5 diagnostic group is a Panel of professionals working in Wolverhampton and is managed through the Child Development Centre. The professionals that are represented on the group are Consultant Paediatrician, Speech Language Therapist, Education and Clinical Psychologists, Social Worker and Specialist Teachers.  The group meet monthly and discuss referrals where there is a request for a diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

The group does not accept self-referrals from carers or service users; this is because it is not a ‘first point of contact’ for a diagnosis of ASD.  A referral will be made by a professional who knows your child and for this panel it will usually be a Consultant Paediatrician or staff from the Special Needs Early Years’ Service. Some referrals are not accepted as insufficient information is not provided and two specialist service reports are required.

Here you will find the latest under 5's ASD Diagnostic Panel Dates.

The referring professional will complete the referral form with parents who must give written consent.

ASD Diagnostic Process

  • refer becomes named Keyworker if parents do not already have TAC in place
  • a date will be given to full discussion within 4 months
  • professionals will assess the child and at times specific ASD related assessments are requested.
  • CARRS questionnaire carried out by parents
  • Diagnosis is strictly made against ICD10 in all 3 areas.
  • Feedback given via keyworker and Consultant Paediatrician within 5 working days of meeting
  • If diagnosis given information pack with training dates given
  • Training programme for parents available
  • If diagnosis not given signposting if required
  • Second opinions from Over 5 panel can be given within 12 months
  • Complaints through RWT 


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