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Pharmacy Needle Exchange Scheme

NHS pharmacy will provide new needles and other equipment to clients self-injecting

The pharmacy will offer a user-friendly non-judgemental and confidential advice to the client and deliver harm reduction messages and sign post into treatment if agreed with the client.

The client will choose items required from an approved list. Not sharing needles and other equipment reduces the risk of harm to the client. New supplies are sterile and should be used ONCE. Infection at the injection site and the transmission of blood born viruses are the risks of sharing or re-using injecting equipment.

The service is designed to be an “exchange” scheme so dirty equipment is returned to the pharmacy safely at the next time the client collects clean equipment. Discarded dirty equipment is a risk to everyone so clients are reminded of the exchange message.

Target Patients

Clients self-injecting non-prescribed substances


During normal opening hours from selected community pharmacies.

No appointment although a discussion with the client will take a few minutes the first time they present so some basic information is collected which will be confidential within the pharmacy. Subsequent visits will not require this information to be gathered unless something has changed.

Please refer to the external links section of this page for further information about participating community pharmacies across the City.


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