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Cancer Screening

Screening can detect a problem early before you have any symptoms.

Finding out about a problem early can mean that treatment is more effective. Finding out you have a health problem or are at increase of developing a health problem can help you make better informed decisions about your own health.

Cancer Screening

Cancer screening remains an important way to detect cancer early and in some cases, prevent it occurring such as screening for cervical cancer and bowel cancer. It is estimated that screening prevents over 10,000 early deaths per year.

For more information please see Screening & Immunisations  or NHS Choices Screening

Cervical Screening

Cervical Screening is offered to women aged 25-64 this test checks the health of cells in the cervix. It is offered every three years for those aged 26 to 49 and every five years from ages 50 to 64. This test is carried out at your GP you will get an invite letter that encourages you to book an appointment.

Here you will find out more information about Cervical Cancer Screening for additional details see Jo's trust page.

Bowel Cancer Screening

There are two types of screening for bowel cancer.

A home testing kit is offered to men and women aged 60 to 74 a kit will arrive through your door and you must follow the instructions and return it.

Bowel scope screening uses a thin, flexible tube with a small camera on the end to look at the large bowel. It is offered to men and women at the age 55 in some part of England (Wolverhampton is one of the area’s) This is usually done at your local hospital you will receive an invitation to attend through the post with numbers provided so you can ring and rearrange the appointment if needed. Trials show that bowel cancer screening can cut deaths by 15% in people aged 60 - 74 Bowel Cancer Screening UK Website.

Here you will find out more information about Bowel Screening page or Bowel Cancer Screening UK

Breast Screening

Breast Screening is offered to women aged 50-70 to detect early signs of breast cancer. Women over 70 can self-refer. You must attend a specific unit that has specialist screening equipment. A letter will be sent to you with an appointment stating where your screening will be provided. The letter has numbers where you can rearrange an appointment if you need to or you have mobility difficulties, as the mobile units have stairs and are unable to provide a lift. Contact Dudley and Wolverhampton Breast Screening Service 01384244177.

Here you will find out more information about Breast Screening page or Breast Cancer Research Website and West Midlands Screening Programme.

See Ann's story in the video below.


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