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Life Skills and Supported Internships at Adult Education Wolverhampton

Life Skills courses and Supported Employment programmes (including Supported Internships) delivered at Adult Education are ideal if you are an adult aged 19+ with a learning disability. The focus is on the preparation for adulthood, independent living and moving you closer to employment.  

Practical activities could include cooking, arts & crafts, citizenship, English, maths and digital skills. Activities will focus on keeping yourself safe, healthy eating, travel planning, time management, being part of your community and improving your work ready skills.

Using English, maths and digital skills well is an important part of independent living and these subjects will be embedded into your learning. You will improve the skills needed for everyday life; build your confidence, problem solving and creative thinking skills. Courses will help you to think about your future options.

If you have an ambition to move towards paid employment, a Supported Internship or Supported Employment programme may be suitable. These are one-year programmes, with time spent between college and a work placement. When it ends, you will have gained skills that will help you to get paid work, move to further learning or onto a Supported Apprenticeship. 

Alongside the work placement, you will develop your English, maths and IT skills as well as learning about the world of work. Work placements are based on your interests and ambitions and you will be fully supported to get the most out of the experience.

For a Supported Internship you will need to have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) and be aged 19 to 24. For a Supported Employment programme you will be aged 19 or over without an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP).

We will work with individuals, local employers and external agencies to provide tailored support for each student to access the world or work. We will work with employers to ensure they have the support needed including job coaching to enable their student to transition into the workplace successfully gradually withdrawing support to provide the student with independence.

For further information about the many other courses, we have on offer for students with a range of disabilities:

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