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Pharmacy - Medicines Usage Reviews

Service Description:

The community pharmacist is the expert on medicines and has spent 5 years training before being registered with the General Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain.

Too many patients fail take to their medicines correctly and this FREE service to patients is commissioned by the Department of Health. The review provides information and advice which enables better understanding of the medicines, how best to take them, when to take them, together with explanation of side effects and interactions with other medicines and foods. Taking medicines correctly and according to the doctor’s instructions will make the patient get the best possible outcome for their condition.

The pharmacist may also offer advice on lifestyle (stopping smoking, taking a little more exercise and eating sensibly and healthily), on home remedies (taking medicines for minor conditions, not prescribed by the doctors, or herbal products, vitamins and mineral supplements) if appropriate so the patient has the best information to make the right choices for the best health outcomes.

Significant concerns will be reported to the patient’s doctor.

Target patients

Patients, with their consent,  who regularly take more than one medicine who have been obtaining their prescriptions from the same pharmacy for the past 3 months and where the pharmacy has an approved private room where these conversations can take place.

There are occasions where the pharmacist can intervene immediately, when they believe the medicine usage review would be beneficial for the patient. This can be triggered by a conversation with the patient or when the patient unexpectedly has run out of medicines.


No appointment necessary and available throughout the normal opening hours of the pharmacy. At busy times, the pharmacist may ask the patient to wait for a few minutes.

For Pharmacy opening times please see the External Links.


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