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Pharmacist Supervised Consumption

Service Title

Pharmacist supervised consumption of prescribed methadone and buprenorphine preparations.

Service Description

The pharmacist will supervise the consumption of methadone or buprenorphine at the point of dispensing in the pharmacy. 

These medicines are used to support clients already in treatment by ensuring that the dose has been administered appropriately to the service user regularly and in some cases every day.

The pharmacist will offer a user-friendly non-judgemental and confidential advice to the service user. 

Target Patients

Adults above the age of 18 years and registered with a Wolverhampton (shared-care) GP or in treatment at Recovery Near You and registered in Wolverhampton.

Patients prescribed methadone or buprenorphine. 


During normal opening hours from selected community pharmacies.

All pharmacies will offer advice and signposting to clients.

No appointment although a discussion with the client will take a few minutes the first time they present a prescription and is usually facilitated by the client’s case worker.


Available at selected community pharmacies across the city. Please see the NHS Choices Pharmacy Finder link for opening hours and availability. See External Links.

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