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Child Development

The first few years are the most important in your child's learning and development. As a parent, it is your job to ensure that you give your child the support during their learning and development.

With child development, there are three main area which help support your child's development, and improved their learning in all other areas. These are:

  • Physical Development - this area involves how your child moves, and their health
  • Communication & Language Development - this are involves how your child listens, understands and speaks
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development - this area involves how your child makes relationships, and how their self-confidence and self-awareness grows, as well as how they manage their feelings and behaviour

These three main areas help children to develop and learn, and become ready for school.

Your local Strengthening Families Hub have experienced staff, such as Family Support Workers, Early Years' Practitioners, Health Visitors and Educational Psychologists, available to advise you on all aspects of parenting and child development for these age groups.

The following pages provide information and short videos to guide you through your child's development at various stages:-

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