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Daytime Support Provision

As part of the Promoting Independence Agenda the City of Wolverhampton Council recognises the need to provide meaningful day time opportunities that promote social inclusion for those people who because of their disability are unable to work.   These services should be integrated within their communities and not isolated away from normal daytime activities.  The support offered needs to be appropriate to  meet the needs of the individuals the Council refers to them.  These include ethnic, cultural and regionally specific issues.  Providers work to an ethos of enablement to maximise people’s independence.

 The City Council operates a framework agreement with a number of social care providers who offer day support under terms and conditions agreed with the City Council.  They are also subject to the City Councils Quality Assurance and Compliance protocols.  This means we inspect the service to make sure the providers are working to a high standard of care delivery for the adults they support.  Each provider has demonstrated that they deliver flexible services that are responsive to the changing needs and aspirations of individuals and are focussed on outcomes.

Please contact the organisations featured in the Day Services category on this page for further information.

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