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SEND - Preparing for Adulthood

What does Preparing for Adulthood mean for my son/daughter?

The SEND Code of Practice is very clear that discussions about longer-term goals for young people should start early at Year 9 (age 13-14). These discussions should focus on your son/daughter's strengths, capabilities and the outcomes they want to achieve and will take place at every annual review from year 9 onwards. These discussions should be person-centred and include preparation for:

  • continuing education, training or employment
  • independent living
  • participating in society
  • being as healthy as possible in adult life.

From year 9 onwards if your son or daughter has a Statement /EHC plan, their annual review will be called a Preparing for Adulthood Review. As the SEND reforms seek to promote a continually updated holistic and dynamic plan that reflects your son or daughter's changing health, social care and educational needs you will find that representatives from health and social care sectors will also attend reviews. 

Further advice and support for young people can be found on the website of the Preparing for Adulthood programme (PfA) which is funded by the Department for Education as part of the delivery support for the SEN and disability reforms.

The Preparing for Adulthood Review

The most important person at Preparing for Adulthood meetings is the young person. Your son or daughter will be asked if they want to attend.

  • You, as a parent or carer, will be invited. If the young person is being looked after by the local authority their social worker, residential care worker or foster carers will be invited
  • Your son or daughter's Personal Adviser from Connexions will be there
  • There will also be invitations for:
    • your son or daughter's teacher
    • a representative from Wolverhampton SENSTART
    • Social Services
    • Health Service worker

You may also want to ask for invitations for other people who support your family - for example a friend, an advocate, or someone who helps your son or daughter, such as an 'independent supporter'.

Getting ready for the Preparing for Adulthood Review

Getting ready for the Preparing for Adulthood Review.

The Connexions Personal Adviser will help your son/daughter prepare for the year 9 Preparing for Adulthood meeting by completing the person centred Getting Ready Sheet. You will have an opportunity to contribute to this.

The person-centred tool that covers a wide range of factors about your son/daughter that supports your son/daughter to express their wishes and needs. These factors include for example:

  • Hopes and dreams for the future
  • Future plans for getting a job
  • Keeping safe and healthy
  • How your son/daughter likes to be supported.
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