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One-page Profiles

One Page Profiles

A tool to help you support your son/daughter to identify their wishes and needs.

Sometimes it may be quite difficult at a review meeting for your son or daughter, or yourself as a parent/carer, to say what is important to them. It is, therefore, helpful if you can all do something to prepare for the meeting. As a parent/carer you could, for example, work with your son/daughter to produce a one page profile to be used in the Preparing for Adulthood Review. Examples of one page profiles are provided below:

OPP Example 1           OPP Example 2

Parents and carers in Wolverhampton, together with professionals working with young people, are incorporating One Page Profiles in their work with young people with SEND. One Page Profiles are a simple but very effective tool to support person-centred planning. They are also a useful resource for young people who are preparing for adulthood. A copy of your son/daughter's OPP will be included, if they have one, in their Education Health and Care plan.

The OPP will contain information about:

  • what people like and admire about the young person
  • what is important to the young person
  • how that young person would like to be supported in their normal daily life

Many parents have reported that completing an OPP with their son/daughter has been a very rewarding and useful experience.

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