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Aids, Equipment and Adaptations

Local Authority & NHS Services There are a number of different organisations involved in equipment decisions relating to children and young people.  These organisations meet every three weeks to discuss any requests and make decisions. We know more work is needed to ensure that the process for…

All Age Travel Assistance Policy

Following extensive consultation, the City of Wolverhampton Council (the Council) has produced an All Age Travel Assistance Policy.  This policy sets out the travel assistance offer provided by the Council for children, young people and adults. Travel Assistance is the way the Council helps people…

Appeal a Decision about School Travel Assistance

  If you're not happy with the travel assistance offer or the outcome of the travel assistance review, you have a right to appeal.  

Appeal a Decision to the Tribunal

The Government are extending the powers of the First-tier Tribunal (SEND), sometimes referred to as the ‘SEND Tribunal’, to make non-binding recommendations about the health and social care aspects of Education, Health and Care (EHC) plans as part of a national trial. The trial will…

Be Smoke Free

Free, proven support to help you to quit smoking! Everyone knows that smoking is bad for their health and the people they smoke around. Stopping smoking is the best thing you can do. Find out the benefits of giving up smoking by clicking on the…

Behaviour Change

Change is not a smooth process It is important that you understand that successful behaviour change is not a smooth process and it takes time and effort. Think of behaviour change as a long process, where you build on each small success and learn from any setbacks…

Breastfeeding Support & Information

Pregnant? Want to find out about feeding your baby? You have all the information you need on this page to help support you with breastfeeding and discover the local support available to help you give your baby the best start in life.    

Cancer Screening

Screening can detect a problem early before you have any symptoms. Finding out about a problem early can mean that treatment is more effective. Finding out you have a health problem or are at increase of developing a health problem can help you make better informed…

Care Leavers Offer

Here you will find out more information on the Care Leavers Offer.                                                                       …
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