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Breastfeeding Support & Information

Pregnant? Want to find out about feeding your baby? You have all the information you need on this page to help support you with breastfeeding and discover the local support available to help you give your baby the best start in life.    

Child Development 0-5 years

  There is a lot of advice available for parents to support their child's development from 0-5 years of age.   Please click on the links shown in the Downloads and Related Services sections of this page for further information

Child Development for 2 year olds

From their second to their third birthday, children change remarkably as they master their skills, and start to understand the world around them. They are developing a sense of themselves as individuals and can have a positive view of their own identity. Between the ages…

Free Nursery Education

2 years olds Some families may be eligible for free 15 hours a week childcare, for the equivalent of 38 weeks per year (or 570 hours per year). Here you will find information on terrific for twos eligibility.   3 and 4 year olds All 3…

A Guide to Early Reading

Parents are their child’s first and most eduring educatior. This is particularly true when helping to prepare a child to be a confident reader, and one of the most important things a parent can do is share books regularly with their child.

A Guide to Maths

Many parents find supporting their children with mathematics difficult. Mathematics does not need to be about fractions and algebra, supporting children to learn the basic will give children a firm foundation on which to build more complex mathematical understanding. Knowledge of shape and size help…

A Guide to Mealtimes

Mealtimes play an important part in children’s development. The focus should not only be the food element of the meal, mealtimes offer children the opportunity to explore textures, learn new words, strengthen eye to hand co-ordination and a range of social skills. Mealtimes can be…

A Guide to Singing

Singing to and with your child is a good way of supporting their overall development. Children prefer to hear the voices of their parents than recorded voices, so don’t worry you if think your voices is awful, your child will enjoy it. If you don’t…

Home Learning

It is important for parents to take an interest in their child’s early learning, by spending time on helping their child to learn about letters, numbers as well as the world around them. Encouraging learning at home will have a positive effect on a child’s…
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