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National Kidney Federation

The National Kidney Federation is unique because, although there are a large number of kidney charities, the NKF is the national kidney charity actually run by Kidney Patients for Kidney Patients. We are the largest kidney patient charity in the UK. 

Unlike other kidney charities, the NKF has only two roles campaigning for improvements to renal provision and treatment, and national patient support services. We believe that kidney patients and their loved ones deserve to lead fulfilled lives with quality care and choice. We will support them on their journey no matter what path they will take.

The National Kidney Federation provides and maintains a website which has rapidly become the hub of the renal community. Our website is vast, being larger than 5,000 pages and viewed by more than 200,000 patients, carers, renal professionals, doctors and nurses worldwide every year. The site is even more incredible when it is realised that like the NKF itself, the website was built by kidney patients. If the subject is renal, the answer is on this fantastic website.

Above all our website has brought patients real information about their condition, and it has put patients in touch with each other. It has given kidney consultants, doctors and nurses a chance to talk with each other, and with patients, about issues and concerns that before the website they may have been completely unaware of.

For more information about us and our service please contact us, call our dedicated helpline or visit our website.

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Freephone UK Helpline: 0800 169 09 36
Office Telephone: (01909) 544999
National Kidney Federation

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