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Mental Health and Behaviour - Resources and Home Learning

Home schooling children who present with social, emotional and mental health difficulties and challenging behaviour can be difficult as the home environment is so different to that of school. However, there are lots of strategies that can be put into place to support your child to feel secure and successful in their learning. This is an opportunity to personalise your child’s learning and interests within the security and care of their own home.

Starting the day with a fun and motivational activity can make all the difference to how the rest of the day will go!

Sticking to routine with clear structure and boundaries will help your child know what is expected of them and reduce anxieties. We hope that the activities and strategies will help you to support your child in working at home and provide fun activities to share!

For parents who are worried about the mental health of their child, including challenging behaviours, self-harm or self-injurious behaviours or suicide ideation, please do not hesitate to contact us directly for support using the contact details given below. 

Alternatively contact the FREE parent consultation support line on:


 Tel: 01902 550609 or 555934 or 555120

Begin by reading ‘Guide to learning at home (SEMH)’ or 'Guide to learning at home (teens and SEMH)  in the downloads section of this page.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Dr Eve Griffiths
Contact Position
Service Co-ordinator
01902 556756

Record Last Updated on: 15/06/2020

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