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Calipers and Splints

In what circumstances would this equipment be provided?

If there is a a biomechanical or neurological need to support the full lower limb.

Where is this equipment used?

This would be dependent on the patient's needs.

Who does this equipment belong to?

The equipment would belong to the Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust.

Typical Lifespan of equipment

The lifespan of this equipment would depend on the patient.

Will the equipment be provided new or recycled?

Equipment provided will be recycled.

Is demonstration or training required prior to use?

The patient and their parent/guardian will be advised how to don/doff the item, when to wear it and how to contact orthotics should they have any queries.

Is regular maintenance required?

Yes, every 6 months as per manufacturer guidelines.

Who is responsible for maintenance of equipment?

The orthotics service is responsible for reviewing the patient's orthotic needs and checking the safety of the KAFO and HKAFO.

How is maintenance undertaken?

Regular reviews, at least every six months.

Is regular cleaning required?


Who is responsible for cleaning of equipment?

Patient or their guardian.

How is cleaning undertaken?

Most parts of the item can be wiped clean.

How often should the equipment be reviewed?

Every six months.

Who should review the equipment?

The orthotics service.

Are regular reviews and maintenance currently undertaken?


What happens when the equipment is no longer suitable or required?

It is disposed of.

Is insurance required?


Who to contact

Contact Name
Dr Nicky Eddison
Contact Position
Orthotics Service
01902 694082
Orthotics Service

Other Details


This item is provided from the orthotics budget.


Age Ranges
No age restriction
Referral required
Referral Details

Who can make referrals for assessment for equiment?

All Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust Consultants, AHPs, nursing staff and GPs.

How is assessment accessed?

Via a referral to the orthotics service.

How is need assessed?

Need is assessed during an assessment by our orthotist.

How long will the assessment take and when will be the equipment be provided?

An assessment will take approximately 60 minutes, depending on the complexity of the patient. The routine waiting time for an orthotics appointment is 3-4 weeks.  All HKAFOS and KAFOs are bespoke and take between 2-4 weeks to manufacture. Average length of time from assessment to fitting is 6-8 weeks to first fitting.

Will equipment be provided new or recycled?

Equipment of this type will be provided new.

How is equipment provided?

Equipment will be fitted by an orthotist. 


Record Last Updated on: 13/10/2022

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