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NACRO Project

We change lives by designing and delivering services to equip people with skills, advice and support to move on.

We’re not like school or college. Our groups, workshops and traineeships allow you to try out different jobs for yourself. We listen to you, support you in your choices and help you be who you want to be. Click here to find a centre near you.

We know that the choices we make in life depend on the choices we have. Many of the people who come to Nacro are at a key turning point in their lives. When we encourage and support them in ways that work for them we find they’re capable of more than they ever thought possible.

All our services have different eligibility criteria. Our education centres are open to anyone, and you can easily sign up directly. People need to be referred to our housing and justice services, you can find out more here.

Please contact us to make a referral or for more information about the programme.

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Record Last Updated on: 21/02/2022

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