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Wolverhampton Mediation Service

Wolverhampton Mediation Service offers community, workplace, schools and complaints mediation. It is successful in around 80% of cases

Mediation helps people to better understand the nature and the causes of a conflict and empower them to manage it and generate peaceful resolution. It is a powerful alternative dispute resolution (ADR) process that uniquely allows people to remain in control in difficult situations and to contribute to their own agreements, improving the circumstances of everyone involved.

Mediation provides an avenue to help develop and maintain communication between people in order that they can not only resolve current problems but gain the tools to deal with any future concerns in more effective and constructive ways.

Being in conflict can be highly stressful and if left unresolved, it is rarely confined to those directly involved. Commonly, family, friends, colleagues and employers feel the negative effects of a person’s destructive conflict.

Understanding mediation:

  • Participation is voluntary – parties cannot be forced or coerced into taking part in a mediation process. People take part of their own free will.
  • Information is treated confidentially – the content of a mediation session is not shared with anyone else, including other agencies, unless there needs to be disclosure due to safeguarding concerns or if information relating to illegal activity is revealed.
  • The service operates independently of other organisations and processes – although the service is part of Wolverhampton City Council, the mediation service operates independently of other departments.
  • Mediators are impartial and non-judgemental – they do not investigate, take sides or judge anyone for any part they have played in the conflict or impose actions on anyone. Mediation is not about punishing either party but about finding solutions.
  • Parties are treated equally- regardless of who made the original complaints, there is no “perpetrator” or “complainant” through the process, just two parties who both need to resolve their personal concerns.
  • Parties stay in control - agreements are only made if everyone is genuinely happy with them, no outcome is ever imposed by the mediators.

Appointments are not held within the mediation offices.  For all mediation, mediators can visit customers at home or in the workplace or arrange a private meeting room within the City Centre.

Further information can be obtained by calling the mediation office, visiting our website or viewing the service flyer displayed in the Downloads section of this page.

A mediator will be happy to discuss a potential case free of charge and in complete confidence.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Jane Blair
Contact Position
Mediation Coordinator
01902 552792
Wolverhampton Mediation Service

Time / Date Details

When is it on
Monday to Friday.
Session Information
Appointments can be arranged for evenings where necessary

Other Details


Referral required
Referral Details

A referral by the sponsoring agency is required for workplace, schools and complaints mediation.  Residents can request community mediation themselves.

Record Last Updated on: 23/11/2021

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