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Wolverhampton based wheelchair user Scott Smith discovered the hard way just how difficult it can be to get mobile with an accessible vehicle, Motability is a great charity for helping the disabled, their family or carers to lease an adapted car etc and will meet the needs of most disabilities but if you are looking to buy your own accessible vehicle things can get very tough and confusing.

After a great deal of research and many wasted miles looking at unsuitable vehicles, a vehicle that he could easily get in and out and could go out and about with his family and friends was found but was by no means an easy task.

Scott wanted to help others that were experiencing the same problems as him and came up with the idea of creating a website dedicated to making life easier for the disabled, their family and their carers to buy, sell and locate dedicated dealers.  After a lot of research and no dedicated sites on the Internet he compiled a list of people that specialise in supplying wheelchair adapted vehicles of all kinds that could cater for wheelchair users to give greater independence getting in and out such ramped, hoisted and lift access as well as vehicles that can be driven from a wheelchair seated position.

Wav Compare was then created. The following links have been made clickable to assist those with dexterity issues and help make access easier.

Use the website to find:

Also find contacts to find out more along with a vital mobility guide, reviews and much more for the disabled wanting to be more mobile and open up new possibilities.

Not satisfied with creating this very useful site, Scott then wanted to tackle other disability problems such as how to get fit in a wheelchair, wheelchair weighing scales and a dedicated disability access site.

Please visit the following links:

 All services, advice etc offered via website. For more information please contact us. 

Who to contact

HELP & ADVICE : 0800 832 1795

Record Last Updated on: 12/07/2022

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