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Together for Short Lives

49,000 children and young people are living in the UK with health conditions that are life-shortening or life-threatening—and the number is rising. 

We are the leading UK charity that speaks out for all children and young people who are expected to have short lives. Together with everyone who provides care and support to these children and families, we are here to help them have as fulfilling lives as possible and the very best care at the end of life. We can’t change the diagnosis, but we can help children and families make the most of their time together.

We are here for every one of these children and their families, being a companion to parents on their journey so they know where to go for support and have the information to help them make the right choices about their child’s care. We are here to help children and their families to access specialist children’s palliative care services, day and night, seven days a week—when and where they need it.

We also support all the professionals, children’s palliative care services and children’s hospices that deliver lifeline care to children and families across the UK. By working together with professionals and organisations we provide a strong and unified voice, and help services deliver the best quality care and support tailored to each family’s needs.

We have over 1000 members - individuals, teams and organisations interested in and committed to supporting children and young people with life-shortening conditions and their families. These include children hospices, voluntary sector organisations and statutory service providers. Sign up here to become a member of Together for Short Lives and be part of the voice for children’s palliative care. If you are a parent or other family member, carer or friend of a seriously ill child you can join the Together for Short Lives family community for free.

Find out all about our value and impact in our work to improve care for seriously ill children and families.

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Who to contact

Office/Urgent Enquiries: 0117 989 7820
Helpline: 0808 8088 100
Together for Short Lives

Record Last Updated on: 19/08/2021

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