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Adult Autism Matters - AAM

LATEST NEWS:   Next Meeting October 20th 2022

AAM Treasure Hunt

At the next month's meeting, October 20th, we will discuss the date and location of the treasure hunt.
There are forms which I can send you before the meeting if you wish, or at the meeting.
It lists options for locations of the Treasure Hunt, and options for the dates you would like. I will then compile the details and select the most popular options from everyone who sent in their choices. The cost is £2 entry per person. You can work together with one or two other folk, or on your own as you wish.

You are very very welcome to come. We will require contact details which can be given as you arrive instead of ahead of time. We need this to comply with Covid requirements, and for our records to contact you about future events.

If you have already filled in an attendance sheet you do not need to fill it out again unless there are changes.

The third Thursday of October, the 20th is from 10:30 to 12:30. If you can help set up please contact me to come earlier or stay after, help is needed and appreciated. There is a subscription amount collected of £2.50 per person attending to cover room rental, but anyone who cannot afford it is not obligated to pay. Some folk kindly put in more than £2.50 and that is appreciated. It all goes into the funds for AAM.

With the lifting of restrictions against meeting in groups we can now have meetings of up to twenty people. We have had to move venue from Fallings Park Fire Station Jubilee Centre since it is now used for various Covid fighting procedures. The new venue, Wednesfield Community Centre, Bentley Bridge, is very reasonably priced, it has lovely volunteers looking after the place, and the room is ideal.

If you wish to talk one on one with me about Autism, Aspberger's Syndrome, or related matters, or you would just like to chat, please contact me. However due to my involvement with other charity activities it would be best to first send a text or WhatsApp message giving me some times you are available and I will get back to you.- David H (on-line activities: the Gentle Knight).

We are a peer support group based in Wolverhampton for people aged 18+ who have an Autistic Spectrum Condition, including Asperger's Syndrome. The group is a self-run peer group with the assistance of volunteers. We welcome folk on the autism spectrum or with Asperger's Syndrome, or anyone caring for, living with or interested in those with these minority mind sets.The group gives an opportunity for adults on the autism spectrum to meet up each month in a friendly, supportive environment to share experiences and useful information, take part in activities and hopefully feel more a part of the community.

Any suggestions for speakers or events are gladly received.

Group meetings can involve arranged speakers, group discussion and activities out in the community - we are very open to suggestions for activities from group members. Carers and family members are welcome. We plan now to once again meet once a month in a community room this time in Wednesfield Community Centre, upstairs. There is a lift for one disabled person and carer if needed.

Please get in touch with us for more information.

Who to contact

Contact Name
David Harris
Contact Position
Secretary / Group Administrator
01902 864854
Mobile: 07542 140058

Where to go

The Group meets at:
Wednesfield Community Centre
(next door to the Wednesfield Library)
34 Well Lane
Bentley Bridge, Wednesfield
WV11 1XT

This is an upstairs meeting room, but there is a one disabled person and carer lift available (either one disabled person, or one disabled person with one carer).

Parking available, however if the car park is full we are connected to the Sainsbury car park which could be used. Easily accessed by the number 53, 60 or 65 bus from Wolverhampton Bus Station, the bus stop is right outside the Community Centre, just across the road from the Gurdwara. The car park entrance is just next to the bus stop. The exit from the Sainsbury roundabout is the first exit after the Sainsbury Supermarket (not filling station) exit.

Please note, the building entrance is the one marked with the words 'Wednesfield Community Centre' in grey raised lettering on a grey background. I Know, not the best colour contrast to see the sign, but neither we nor the lovely ladies who run the centre have any control over it. Don't use the door marked Wednesfield Library. It's the right building, but the wrong door.

We do try to make this room autism friendly (e.g. no background music unless we have arranged beforehand for a social activity). Some members bring hot drinks/ snacks etc. No-one is obligated to bring anything, but anyone wishing to bring something you are welcome to do so.

Time / Date Details

When is it on
Third Thursday of every month 10.30am-12.30pm
Time of day

Other Details


Table of costs
Table of costs
AmountCost Type
£2.50 per session
We are unsure at this point if the attendance fee will cover the costs, so any extra donation will be much appreciated. At the same time if you cannot afford the attendance fee please don't worry, we won't stop you coming for that reason.


Referral required
Referral Details

a. We are open for all adults with diagnosed or undiagnosed Autism or Asperger's Sydrome conditions (AS). Also friends or family members of those with AS, or those interested in the subject and wish to support, learn more or interact with the members. All are very welcome.
b. If anyone would like a preliminary evaluation and diagnosis on Autism I have the training to do so. This is not recognised by the NHS as a final diagnosis but will give you a qualified opinion which could be useful in some circumstances. Please contact me if you need further information.

Record Last Updated on: 26/09/2022

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