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Sloping Writing Boards

In what circumstances would this equipment be provided?                               

To help children's posture and reduce reading distance for some children and young people who have a visual impairment.

Where is this equipment used?


Who does this equipment belong to?

The Visual Impairment Team (if VI Team funded) otherwise school.

Typical Lifespan of equipment

As long as servicable.

Who recycles this equipment?

The Visual Impairment Team.

How is it recycled? What is the process used?

Condition is checked and if suitable reissued.

Is regular maintenance required?

Yes, checking condition.

Who is responsible for maintenance of equipment?

The Qualified Teacher of Visual Impairment or school staff.

How is maintenance undertaken?

Check general condition and suitability for the student.

Is regular cleaning required?


Who is responsible for cleaning of equipment?

School staff or student.

How is cleaning undertaken?

Antibacterial wipes.

How often should the equipment be reviewed?

As required, based on useage or change of student circumstances.

Who should review the equipment?

A Qualified Teacher of Visual Impairment.

Are regular reviews and maintenance undertaken?


What happens when the equipment is no longer suitable or required?

Disposed of via Local Authority recycling depot.

Is insurance required?


Who to contact

Contact Position
Sensory Inclusion Service
01902 555910
Sensory Inclusion

Where to go

c/o Warstones Primary School
Warstones Road
West Midlands

Other Details


Funded from VI team Budgetor by school.


Age Ranges
0 - 19 (19-25 dependant on funding)
Referral required
Referral Details

Who can make referrals for assessment for equiment?

A Qualified Teacher of Visual Impairment.

How is assessment accessed?

Via service referral system or if already on caseload.

How is need assessed?

Through assessment by Qualified Teacher of Visual Impairment.

How long will the assessment take and when will be the equipment be provided?

The assessment period will vary as it is part of the functional vision assessment. Equipment should be provided within one week depending on stock availability and budget cycle.

Will equipment be provided new or recycled?

New or recycled.

How is equipment provided?

Delived and issued by Qualified Teacher of Visual Impairment or supplier if school purchased.

Is demonstration or training required prior to use?


Record Last Updated on: 18/12/2020

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