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African Caribbean Community Initiative (ACCI)

The African Caribbean Community Initiative (ACCI) was initially set up in the 1980’s as a response to concerns raised by the Wolverhampton Rastafarian Progressive Association about the disproportionate number of African Caribbean’s suffering or at risk of mental ill health in the local community.

Over the past 30 years ACCI has remained based in the heart of Wolverhampton community but has continued to strive to raise the profile of the organisation nationally. ACCI has continued to collaborate with a wide range of statutory, voluntary and private sector agencies at local, regional and national level in order to influence and improve specialist as well as mainstream service delivery to our members.

For over 30 years ACCI has worked in partnership with service users, local authorities, health providers and the local community to ensure our provision remains relevant and service-user focussed. As a community based social enterprise, ACCI has built a reputation for high quality mental health training and consultancy. Our West Midlands based centre is also registered as a health and social care ’student placement’ facility.

ACCI aim to develop, co-ordinate and deliver culturally appropriate and consistently high standards of supported care/advice for members of the African Caribbean community and their families affected by mental ill health. We aim to enhance and where possible improve the quality of life for African Caribbean individuals experiencing or recovering from mental ill health.

The African ethos of taking responsibility for the care of members of the extended family is one that is central to the ethos held by ACCI. To foster this ethos ACCI addresses everyone connected to the service as ‘members’ of the ACCI ‘family’.

Within the ACCI organisation there is acknowledgment and value of the culture and identity of each individual as well as recognising their vulnerability. Although the main focus of the support / care offered by ACCI has been mainly directed at African Caribbean’s and their families within the local community, this support is also available to all members of the community.

ACCI maintains strong links with mainstream health and social care services. ACCI is able to offer a supportive training and teaching environment for health professionals, social workers and volunteers.

The services provided by ACCI are led by an experienced Service Director who leads a team of dedicated, committed staff as well as volunteers. We offer:

  • Supported accommodation
  • Day resource facilities
  • Carers support group
  • Therapeutic & holistic counselling service
  • Housing advice, welfare rights, life skills / emotional support
  • Hot drinks and snacks are available. Lunch served from: 12.30pm to 13.45pm

The centre is staffed by experienced and dedicated day centre officers, who support, encourage and motivate members through the journey to recovery and restoration. ACCI prioritises support to our members to ensure they have secure and appropriate accommodation that promotes safety, stability and well-being and works in partnership with other service providers to this end.

For further information please contact us or visit our website to see our range of services and how we can play a role in assistimg you.

Who to contact

01902 571 230
African Caribbean Community Initiative

Where to go

African Caribbean Community Initiative
217 Waterloo Terrace
Newhampton Road East
West Midlands

Time / Date Details

When is it on
Monday - Thursday 9.00am - 5.00pm
Session Information
Friday's 9.00am to 4.30pm

Other Details


Please contact us for information on price plans, care packages and treatments.


Age Ranges
Referral required
Referral Details

We recieve referals from:

  • Community Mental health teams
  • Psychlogical Wellbeing Practitioners
  • Mental Health Practitioners
  • Day Opportunity Resources
  • Families
  • Carers
  • Housing Services

Record Last Updated on: 03/03/2020

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