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The Sharan Project

Founded in 2008, the Sharan Project is a national charity supporting South Asian women in the UK who have been or are at risk of being disowned by their families/communities due to persecution or abuse, to include Forced Marriage, Domestic Violence, Honour Abuse and Cultural Conflict.

The SHARAN Project aims to empower, educate and inspire women who want to actively learn more about the support and choices that are available to them, to provide them with the tools to lead life on their own terms.

We are largely a web based service offering information, support and advice to allow you to make informed choices that lead to healthy decisions for a better life. We continue developing our off-line activities to include skills workshops and training, access to services and one to one advice in a safe and culturally respected environment. We work with the private, public and third sectors towards raising awareness on areas such as Honour and Domestic violence, Cultural conflicts, Abuse, and Inequality as well as deliver on campaigns and project-based work. Whilst we do not provide financial assistance or accommodation, we are here to listen and help you get back on your feet by providing access to support, advice and information on the choices available to you.

For more information please visit our website or follow us on our Facebook or Twitter pages.

Who to contact

Information Line: 0844 504 3231
The Sharan Project

Record Last Updated on: 30/03/2020

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