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Anxiety UK

Anxiety UK is a national registered charity formed in 1970, by someone living with agoraphobia, for those affected by anxiety, stress and anxiety based depression. 

We are still a user-led organisation, run by people with experience of living with anxiety, stress or anxiety-based depression, supported by a high-profile medical advisory panel.

We work to relieve and support those living with anxiety and anxiety-based depression by providing information, support and understanding via an extensive range of services, including 1:1 therapy. We work regularly with external agencies and healthcare professionals to improve services for those living with anxiety and anxiety-based depression and also campaign to raise awareness of the conditions.

We can provide support and help if you’ve been diagnosed with, or suspect you may have an anxiety condition. We can also help you deal with specific phobias such as fear of spiders, blushing, vomiting, being alone, public speaking, heights – in fact, any fear that’s stopped you from getting on with your life.

With our help you can start to recover your confidence and forget your fear. Signup to receive the latest news and information from Anxiety UK. Including Membership offers.

Who to contact

Info line: 03444 775 774
General Enquiries: 0161 226 7727
Anxiety UK

Time / Date Details

When is it on
Monday - Friday 9:30am - 5.30pm

Record Last Updated on: 11/07/2022

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