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Wolverhampton Information Network

The Bisexual Index

Since 2009, The Bisexual Index has been here to point this out to people, to highlight biphobia and to direct you to the UK's bisexual community.

The Index provides information, support, advice links and resources on bisexuality and challenging bi-phobia. We believe that to be bisexual all a person has to do is be attracted to more than one gender.

This is our wide, simple definition. We believe that Bisexuality isn't complicated, or hard to understand, but people's attitudes to bisexuality can be tangled.

We are the largest Bisexual Organisation on Twitter - are you following us there yet? We post updates on our work, links to bisexual news and retweet a host of other bisexual accounts that you need to read.

Follow us on Twitter or contact us for more information

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The Bisexual Index

Record Last Updated on: 28/04/2022

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