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Inyoshin Schools of Martial Arts

At Inyoshin Schools of Martial Arts we offer a range of classes for all abilities and levels.

Tai Chi - We deliver genuine Tai Chi for health and relaxation. Our Head Master has practiced Tai Chi for over 35 years. All instructors are Tai Chi experts having spent at least 5 years learning the art before instructing.

Mugai Ryu Iaido - Mugai Ryu is a traditional Japanese sword art developed in the 1600s. The art has a very close connection with Zen Buddhist philosophy. Instructor trained in Japan.

Genkoh Nito Ryu -  Nito Ryu is a two sword style originating in the root arts of Mugai Ryu. Samurai would traditionally carry a long and short sword. In this art both swords are deployed in combat. Instructor Trained in Japan.

Meifu Shinkage Ryu - MSR is a modern Shuriken Jutsu art developed in the 1970's.  The origin of the art is the famous Katori Shinto Ryu school. Instructor trained in Japan.

Our classes take place across a number of venues across the City and West Midlands.

For further information about our Martial Arts and Tai Chi classes please contact us or visit our website.

You can also view our Inyoshin Schools of Martial Arts Facebook page.

Who to contact

Contact Name
David Jackson
Contact Position
Head Master
07711 031495
Inyoshin Schools of Martial Arts

Where to go

Classes take place across the City.

Time / Date Details

When is it on
Please visit website for times, locations and venues.

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Age Ranges
Referral required

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