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Forward For Life

Forward For Life operates with the core belief that although there are many challenges that exist across and within our communities, solutions to these challenges are also to be found across and within our communities. We offer specialist licensed and tailored training, advice and strategic support in the areas of suicide prevention, wellbeing and mental health.

We ensure that stakeholders across the board are effectively engaged at all levels to realise improved quality of life and well-being. With an overall vision of eradicating suicide, we adopt forward thinking approaches to reduce inequalities and promote opportunities for enhanced well-being and improved quality of life – We believe this is both an achievable expectation across all our communities and the right of each and every individual within. 

Our website is full of useful information, guides, resources, online help and links to helplines and agencies. Please contact us for more details.

Who to contact

07585 776800
Forward For Life

Record Last Updated on: 31/03/2022

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