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Community Phlebotomy Service

Please note the Community Phlebotomy Service is  VIA APPOINTMENTS ONLY.

Phlebotomy (Blood Tests):
Thank you for your patience throughout the recent national blood tube shortage. The Phlebotomy Service has a team of dedicated Phlebotomists who are responsible for taking patient’s blood for laboratory testing and analysis. Please note the Community Phlebotomy Service is via Appointment system only.

COVID restrictions:
Please support us to safely manage waiting areas to comply with national COVID guidelines;

  • Attend your appointment at specified time – (you may be asked to wait outside if you are early or rebook if you are late)
  • Please wear a face mask to all appointments to protect yourself, staff and other vulnerable people.
  • Please attend on your own unless you need support for language, mobility or with memory issues. Only one chaperone per patient will be allowed into the clinic room where appropriate and they must wear a face covering.

Before booking your blood test:

Blood tests in the community are by appointment only. You will be turned away without an appointment. If you are not confident with booking your appointment please ask a family member to support or your GP surgery to book on your behalf.

Your GP or other Health Professional will decide if you need a blood test and how quickly you will need to arrange it. They will also provide you with your blood form that you will need to book your appointment and take with you on the day of your appointment.

If your blood form is clearly marked as URGENT, please book a blood test:
- Within 72 hours of request
- Consider all community venues to ensure testing within 72 hours

• If your blood test is marked as FASTING, please book;
- An appointment no later than 11:00am to prevent low blood sugars / fainting
- Consider all venues to ensure testing within timeframe

• If you are asked to arrange a blood test before treatment or a professional appointment please ensure that you book;
- At least 7 days before the date needed for treatment / appointment
- Consider all venues to ensure testing within timeframe

• If your blood test is routine, please book;
- Into the next available appointment slot within 10 working days of request
- Consider all venues to ensure testing within timeframe

How to make an appointment:

To make an appointment, please click on the link to select your chosen venue, day and time. Please use all sites to ensure your test is undertaken within the timeframe requested as this may delay your treatment or diagnosis.

QR Patient Codes can be found here - or in the downloads section of this page.
For more information please contact the service.

Who to contact

Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust

Other Details


Referral required
Referral Details

Our service is accessed through referral from your GP / Nurse /Midwife or Hospital Doctor.

The referral is made with a fully completed Royal Wolverhampton Trust blood request form.

The receptionist at the Health Centre will check the blood request form to make sure all the information is present prior to you seeing the phlebotomist. If there are any problems with the form the receptionist will advise you to return to your GP / nurse/ midwife or hospital doctor, to correct the form.

Record Last Updated on: 24/09/2021

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