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Fibromyalgia Action UK

Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition of widespread pain and profound fatigue. The pain tends to be felt as diffuse aching or burning, often described as head to toe. It may be worse at sometimes than at others. It may also change location, usually becoming more severe in parts of the body that are used most.

The fatigue ranges from feeling tired, to the exhaustion of a flu-like illness. It may come and go, and people can suddenly feel drained of all energy. Fibromyalgia is a common disability/illness. In fact, it is more common than rheumatoid arthritis and can even be more painful.

Founded in 1994, Fibromyalgia Action UK is a registered charity administered by unpaid volunteers. The majority of volunteers who also live with Fibromyalgia & work extremely hard, despite their condition, in order to promote cause & raise awareness of fibromyalgia.

FMA UK was established in order to provide information and support to sufferers and their families.In addition, we also provide medical information for professionals and operate a national helpline.

Our website provides a wealth of information, useful resources, details of local support groups and articles on the Fibromyalgia condition. Our helpline is staffed by volunteers who tend to have fibromyalgia themselves.

For more information please view our  Fibromyalgia Facebook Page or contact us.

Who to contact

National Helpline: 0300 999 3333
Black Country Fibromyalgia Support Group : 0844 887 2382
Fibromyalgia Action UK

Time / Date Details

When is it on
Office hours - open between 10am and 5pm
Session Information
Our helpline is staffed by volunteers who tend to have fibromyalgia themselves.

Record Last Updated on: 12/07/2022

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