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Smoking in Pregnancy

Now you’re pregnant, let’s look at your options. Giving up smoking during pregnancy is tough. Your body uses nicotine differently when you’re pregnant and needs more. Just at the time when you might want to stop, mother nature makes it harder. But, help is at hand.

Traditional advice is to quit smoking, the earlier the better. Whilst this is still the best advice, if you have tried or don’t want to try but are still worried about the harmful impact of smoking on your baby, you can consider reducing the harm.

The harmful part of smoking to you and your baby is the tobacco leaf and all the toxins it contains, not nicotine itself.  Switching the source of nicotine to e-cigarettes/vaping or stop smoking medicines (nicotine replacement therapy) can help quieten the cravings and reduces harm.

Professional health bodies, such as Midwives, GPs and Public Health all back switching. Contact your midwife or GP for advice on stop smoking medicines (NRT) or visit the Quit Smoking page for more information.

Free NHS Support

NHS Smokefree App: This is for you if you have a smartphone and want support every step of the way, wherever you are.

NHS Email support programme.

NHS Smoking Helpline support - 0300 123 1044

NHS Online Chat tool - Get instant support when cravings strike, plus loads of tips, motivation and advice to help keep you smokefree.

There are many free self-help tools available through the NHS Personal Quit Plan.

Here you will find further information to help you to quit smoking.

If you want to look at the risks of using e-cigarettes vs. smoking during pregnancy then please see the FAQs - E-cigs in pregnancy document in the download section of this page. Here you can find out more information about vaping and E-cigarettes.
The below video shows how others have made the switch.

Infographic showing the risks of smoking in pregnancy.

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Be Smoke Free

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Record Last Updated on: 28/07/2023

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