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Walking Aids

walking aids can be used for children and young people with additional needs. Walkig aids can help provide stability and indpendence for some children who have reduced balance and mobility.

Walking aids can make walking less energy consuming, improve postural alignment, and reduce falls. Walkers can enable children and young people to participate in social activities more easily and independently.

Suitability for a walking aid is assessed by the child or young person's physiotherapist, as part of their treatment plan, which will be agreed with the childor young person, and their family and carers.

If appropriate, a walking aid will be identified which meets the individual's needs. Adjustments can be made, and accessories can be added to walkers, to adjust the levels of support the walkers provides.

In what circumstances would this equipment be provided?

When walking is delayed or difficult.

Where is this equipment used?

In the home, school and community.

Who does this equipment belong to?

The equipment would belong to The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust.

Typical Lifespan of equipment

The lifespan of this equipment would be approximately 10 years.

Will equipment be provided new or recycled?

Equipment is usually provided new.

Who recyles the equipment?

Medical Physics

How is it recycled? What is the process?

Equipment is assessed and cleaned.

Is regular maintenance required?


Who is responsible for maintenance of equipment?

Medical Physics, The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust.

How is maintenance undertaken?

Maintenance is carried out by a skilled technician.

Is regular cleaning required?


Who is responsible for cleaning of equipment?

On a day to day basis cleaning should be carried out by therapists or parents. A deep clean will be provided by CERL, when required.

How is cleaning undertaken?

Cleaning is undertaken as needed.

How often should the equipment be reviewed?

Equipment will be reviewd at each therapy session.

Who should review the equipment?

A therapist will carry out the review.

Are regular reviews and maintenance currently undertaken?


What happens when the equipment is no longer suitable or required?

It will be recycled or condemed.

Is insurance required?


Is insurance required?


Who to contact

Contact Position
Childrens Therapy Services
01902 446290 / 446302
Childrens Therapy Services

Where to go

The Gem Centre
Neachells Lane
West Midlands
WV11 3PG

Other Details


This item is provided from the therapy services budget.


Age Ranges
Referral required
Referral Details

Who can make referrals for assessment for equiment?


How is assessment accessed?

Varies on need, can be home, school or The Gem Centre.

How long will the assessment take and when will be the equipment be provided?

An assessment length can vary. The average time for equipment to be supplied it 6 weeks following the assessment.

How is equipment provided?

Equipment can be collected or delivered.

Is demonstration or training required prior to use?


Record Last Updated on: 14/02/2020

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