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All Age Travel Assistance Policy

Following extensive consultation, the City of Wolverhampton Council (the Council) has produced an All Age Travel Assistance Policy. 

This policy sets out the travel assistance offer provided by the Council for children, young people and adults.

Travel Assistance is the way the Council helps people to get to a school or a day care centre. The policy refers to these places as educational establishments or social care venues.

The purpose of this document is to clearly explain what the Council will and will not do to help people get to these places. What is described here is based on what the law says a Council must do.

The Council is determined to see that people in our City live independent and healthy lives, whilst supporting the most in need and providing the most sustainable and efficient travel-assistance option.

This policy aims to do this by supporting individuals to access educational establishments and social care venues based upon their individual needs.

This policy applies to the following:

  • Pre-school age children 0-4
  • Pupils of compulsory school age 5-16
  • Pupils aged 16-19
  • Adult Learners aged 19-25
  • Adults with care and support needs

Here you will find the All Age Travel Assistance Policy Easy Read.

If you require assistance or need this information in large print, Braille, audio/CD or in another language, please use the contact details below:

By email:
By phone: 01902 554881

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